What is a Representative or
Substitute Decision Maker?

A Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) or a Representative is a trusted person who speaks for you when you are unable to speak for yourself. Throughout TutelaCare we have identified this person as your "emergency contact".

Worldwide, regardless of the country you reside in, the concept of a "person responsible" to speak on your behalf can be formalized in a document based on that country's governing health laws.

In Canada, Australia and South Africa for example, the people who make decisions for you are typically called a "substitute decision maker". In the UK they are an "attorney for personal care". In other countries they can be known as a "health care agent". These roles can be legally endorsed, informal, or temporary subject to each countries governing laws.

We encourage every capable adult, at any stage of health to have a Formal Substitute Decision Maker/Representation Agreement.

This ground-breaking solution enables patient-centred care by linking critical legal, financial and healthcare information in one location accessible 24/7 making TutelaCare a leader in healthcare innovation.