Why I need a Healthcare plan

In many countries medical systems cannot share your information between healthcare professionals and or specialists. Your healthcare plan empowers you to be in control of your medical information. This is critical when requiring medical emergency care at home or away, or simply walking in to a medical clinic within your neighbourhood.

TutelaCare is your step-by-step assistant to compile and store this vital information.

A healthcare plan compiles all of your current medication conditions, medications, vaccinations, allergies, key contacts and much more. The plan includes instructions for the treatment you would like to receive when you cannot speak for yourself.

Healthcare planning benefits others

Worldwide healthcare systems are strained. By taking control of our health information, this enables us to consolidate, coordinate and collaborate with health professionals anytime anywhere instantaneously. Having the ability to share your critical information, like allergies and current medications, could save your life.

TutelaCare's secured digital registry and unique QR code provides instant access to your healthcare plan. Healthcare professionals and your family will have immediate access to your healthcare plan when shared.

What is advance care planning?

Advance care planning is a process of reflection and communication. TutelaCare encourages those conversations with your emergency contacts so that they can speak on your behalf when you are unable.